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Title: Mortar FE on nonmatching grid
Author: Talal Rahman
Institution: University of Augsburg
Description: The package includes an example mortar finite element code for solving Poisson equation on nonmatching grids. The code is based on the variational formulation where the finite element solution is sought in a constrained space (the functions of this space satisfy a weak continuity condition across the interfaces) resulting in a system of equations whose coeffecient matrix is symmetric and positive definite.

Two types of test spaces (Lagrange multiplier spaces), for the 'weak continuity' condition, are provided: the standard- and the dual- Lagrange multiplier space.

To start:

    Set the correct path for the string variable 'MORTROOTDIR' in the file 'installmort.m'. Run 'installmort' at matlab prompt to include all necessary paths.

    Write 'ellipmort' at the matlab prompt to run the code.
Playing with the code:

    The driver routine is 'ellipmort', read the file 'ellipmort.m' and make the necessary changes (model, discretization, etc.), in the 'User specification area' of the code.

    Write 'help READMEmort' for more informations and restrictions.
Keywords: Mortar FE, nonmatching grid, dual Lagrange multipliers
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File Size: 47 KB
File Version: 1.0
Matlab Version: 6.1
Date: 2002-03-15
Downloads: 4289
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