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Title: Obstacle problem
Primary Author: Stefan Hueeber
Other Authors:Jonas Ballani
Institution: University of Stuttgart
Description: This program solves the obstacle problem

-div(grad(u)) >= f
u >= g
(div(grad(u)) + f)(u - g) = 0

on the 2D unit square for homogeneous Dirichlet boundary conditions with finite element discretization. The solution of the ersulting variational inequality of first kind is performed by

Command: "obstacle(item)"
- monotone Gauss-Seidel method if item = 1
- primal-dual active set method if item = 2
- augmented Lagrangean method if item = 3
Keywords: obstacle problem, variational inequality of first kind, monotone Gauss-Seidel, primal-dual active set strategy
File Name: obstacle_new.m
File Size: 5 KB
File Version: 1.1
Matlab Version: 7.0 (R14)
Date: 2007-07-06
Downloads: 4531
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