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Title: SERIES: seismic record post-processing
Primary Author: Esneyder Montoya
Other Authors:Juan D, Jaramillo (Primary Author)
Institution: ---
Description: Directions (zip file also contains *.for, *.exe, and a manual (in spanish)) After downloading, In order for SERIES to run properly on MatLab, please do this: Copy all files (*.m and *.exe) in the suddirectory SERIES (create it). C:\MATLAB\TOOLBOX\SERIES Changing C: for D: or E:, wherever the hard drive letter is. In addition, please update the directorio 1 variable, this can be found in the series.m file, this variable is changed with: directorio1='c:\matlab\toolbox\series'; Finally, update the matlabrc.m file, that can be found in the Matlab directory and has all the *.m file paths, this file must have: 'c:\matlab\toolbox\series;',... Now, you can run SERIES by typing in series at the prompt in the Matlab window. The Main Menu will appear. It is recommended that you have your seismic files in the SERIES directory.
Keywords: earthquake engineering, accelerograms, post-processing, spectra
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File Size: 635 KB
File Version: 1.0
Matlab Version: 4.x
Date: 2005-03-17
Downloads: 2268
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