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Title: LP mode intensity distribution
Author: Namyoung Jang
Institution: University of Changwon
Description: The intensity patterns for the LP modes, calculated from eq(1) and (2). The LP modes are observed as intensity patterns in the transverse plane.

The intensity functions in the core and cladding for any LP mode can be expressed as following equations:

I_lm = I_0 J_l^2 (ur/a) sin^2 (l phi)   r<=a
I_lm = I_0 (J_l (u)/ K_l (w))^2 K_l^2 (wr/a) sin^2 (l phi)   r>=a
Keywords: LP mode
File Name: LPlm.m
File Size: 2 KB
File Version: 1.0
Matlab Version: 6.1
Date: 2002-12-26
Downloads: 3839
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