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Title: Lorenz Model GUI
Author: M2-TUM
Institution: TU Munich
Description: This GUI animates the solution of the system of three differential equations known as the "Lorenz Model".

The equation are given as,

     dy1/dx = -sigma*y1 + sigma*y2,
     dy2/dx = -y1*y3 + r*y1 - y2,
     dy3/dx = y1*y2 - b*y3,

where sigma, r and b are positive constants.

With version 1.1, the GUI also allows to view the effects of small disturbance of the initial conditions on the solution path.

The solver ODE45 is used to integrate the model equations.

After unzipping, please start the program with lorenzGUI from the command window.

This file was written by Faisal Baig, with financial support by the Self-Study Online project of the University of Stuttgart.

Keywords: lorenz model, ODE45
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File Size: 9 KB
File Version: 1.1
Matlab Version: 6.5 (R13)
Date: 2004-04-23
Downloads: 6166
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