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Title: Iterative Solvers GUI
Author: Timo Betcke
Institution: TU Hamburg-Harburg
Description: This interactive environment is a tool to learn about the behavior of the different iterative solvers in Matlab. Several matrix examples from Matrix Market are delivered together with the environment. The user can graphically choose between different solvers, preconditioners and iteration parameters for the solvers and then study the convergence behavior. The environment is especially suited as supplemental for lectures about iterative solvers.

The downloadable version is the windows version. A tar.gz version for Unix is available at The main difference is that on Unix it can happen that some buttons on the display are not on the right place. This is fixed in the Unix version for some architectures. If the problem persists, the arrangement of the buttons can easily be repaired with the Matlab Gui Builder which allows the graphical rearrangement of buttons.

The environment is the result of a project at the Institute of Mathematics of the Technical University Hamburg Harburg ( in joint work with Prof. Heinrich Voss who wrote implementations for several solvers used in this tool. For further details see also Report 51 of the Institute of Mathematics at the Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg, available at The report is also included as manual.pdf in the downloadable version.

Keywords: iterative solvers
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File Version: 1.0
Matlab Version: 5.3 (R11)
Date: 2003-05-19
Downloads: 4819
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