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Title: Truss visualization
Primary Author: M2-TUM
Other Authors:Stefanie Beese, Sandra Benz
Institution: TU Munich
Description: tragwerkMain computes and plots a truss specified by a .dat-file
which has to be generated by the user.

AL = number of bearings of the truss
AG = number of joints of the truss
AS = number of cross beams of the truss
All nodes have to be numbered according to the following order:
1..AL:                the bearings
AL+1..AL+AG:          the joints

The .dat-File has to look as follows:

first line:               AL + ' ' + AG + ' ' + AS
line 2 to AL+1:           coordinates of the bearings: x-coord + ' ' + y-coord
line .. to AL+AG+1:       coordinates of the joints: x-coord + ' ' + y-coord
line .. to AL+AG+AS+1:    all cross beams: no of node 1 + ' ' + no of node 2

If there should be a force acting on one of the joints,
the force vector has to be specified behind this joint
in the form force in x-direction + ' ' + force in y-direction.
This gives a third and forth column in the .dat-file.

For the cross beams it is possible to type in a factor
which determines the elasticity of the beams.

Usage: Type unzip
Contents: tragwerkMain.m eigenschwingung.m readdata.m steifigkeitsmatrix.m
tragwerk.m tragwerk_verschoben.m verschiebung.m
Examples: bruecke.dat bruecke2.dat brueckeoben.dat brueckegewicht.dat
kran.dat kranoben.dat kranunten.dat krangewicht.dat

This file was generated by students as a partial fulfillment
for the requirements of the course "Modellierung",
Winter term 2005/2006, Stuttgart University.

Keywords: Tragwerk, Fachwerk, truss, beam, Gelenk, Lager, Stab, Stabwerk
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File Version: 1.0
Matlab Version: 7.0 (R14)
Date: 2005-11-29
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