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Title: Regular Tilings
Author: Teresa Krohn
Institution: University of Stuttgart
Description: Regular tilings can be classified by symmetry (using the 17 wallpaper groups) and by topology (using the so-called Laves net).

This application visualizes all possible (=81) regular tilings, and shows the according classification information.

Start the application with parkette from the Matlab prompt.

Note: These files were generated as a partial fulfillment for the requirements of the course "Classical Mathematical Theorems and their Visualisation on the Computer", Winter term 2002/2003, Stuttgart University.

Keywords: regular tilings, regulaere Parkette, wallpaper groups, Laves-Netz
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File Size: 23 KB
File Version: 1.0
Matlab Version: 6.5
Date: 2003-03-03
Downloads: 1404
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