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Title: LU-Decomposition Visualizer
Author: Andreas Klimke
Institution: Technische Universität München
Description: This interactive demonstration program lets you "spy" into an LU-decomposition algorithm (no pivoting is performed).


  • Select a pre-defined matrix: Lehmer, Poisson, Toeplitz, or Moler.
  • Perform each step of the decomposition separately.
  • Specify the matrix sizes.
  • View the block structure or the matrix entries at each step.

After unzipping the file, start the GUI with lu_gui.

Keywords: LU, Gauss elimination, visualization
File Name:
File Size: 9 KB
File Version: 1.2
Matlab Version: 6.5 (R13)
Date: 2003-05-04
Downloads: 4557
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