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Title: Section Properties GUI
Author: M2-TUM
Institution: TU Munich
Description: This GUI allows the user to draw different geometric shapes and calculate/display their section properties.

Three basic shapes can be drawn. These are:

  • Polygon
  • Circle
  • Square/Rectangle

These shapes may be drawn within the axis limits using a mouse left-click for a new edge and a right-click to close the shape in case of polygons. In case of a circle, only two points are needed (with left mouse click). These are the points defining the diameter of the circle. In case of a square or rectangle, the first and second points indicate the end points of the diagonal. The first shape is considered as a basis on which any subsequent shapes the others are drawn as holes. Holes must lie entirely within the base shape.

In the current version of this GUI, the following properties are calculated and displayed:

  • Area (A )
  • Center of Area (Centroid) (xs,ys)
  • Perimeter (P )
  • Area Moments (Ix,Iy,Ixy)
  • Centroidal Moments (Iu,Iv,Iuv)
  • Polar Moment (Ip)
  • Radius of Gyration (ix,iy)

After unzipping, please start the program with shapes_propGUI from the command window.

This file was written by Faisal Baig, with financial support by the Self-Study Online project of the University of Stuttgart.

Keywords: geometric shapes, section properties, area, moments, perimeter, centroids, radius of gyration
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File Size: 24 KB
File Version: 1.0
Matlab Version: 6.5 (R13)
Date: 2004-03-30
Downloads: 2759
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