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Title: discan
Author: Johannes Judex
Institution: Paul Scherrer Institut (ETH Zürich)
Description: Have you ever had the situation, that you must publish something and you have to insert a bad scan or photo of a graph. And that graph does not only look wicked and is hard to recognize but also does not fit into your layout.

Well you may find a useful tool right here.

discan is a small program for replotting graphs. It works using pixel to value conversion. And is as well able to replot logarithmic diagrams.

You must cut your graph right at the edge of the diagramm and remember the axes min and max values for later. Then just start the file discan.m A pop up requests your *.jpg and then you insert your axes details (min, max, log, normal etc). You need the second file named delog.m to evaluate logarithmic diagramms.

You will see your picture in a new window and a new menu item called DiScan. using this menu you can identify points, which will be imediately saved, remove latest point, replot the data and save the plot or the data (in ascii). Type help discan for details.

The best is, just try for yourself and send me a mail, if you have any problems, or this is the ultimate thing for you ;)


% Version 3.0
% released by Johannes Judex
Keywords: discan, replot, plot, image, normal, log, logarithmic, click and plot
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File Size: 8 KB
File Version: 3.1
Matlab Version: 7.0 (R14)
Date: 2006-04-26
Downloads: 1410
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