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Title: Coulomb ODE with GUI
Author: Stefan Hueeber
Institution: University of Stuttgart
Description: Solution of a harmonical oszillator with Coulomb friction equation using various integration methods (Euler, Heun, Runge-Kutta). Several parameters and the initial values can be modified within the graphical user interface.

Coulomb's equation:
m*x'' + k*x + F_r(x') = 0
with the Coulomb friction force
          /  +r  if  x' > 0, 
F_r(x') = |   0  if  x' = 0,
          \  -r  if  x' < 0.
Start the program with the command coulomb.
Keywords: Coulomb, friction, Euler, Heun, Runge-Kutta, ODE
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File Size: 8 KB
File Version: 1.0
Matlab Version: 6.1
Date: 2002-10-25
Downloads: 4122
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