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Title: Diffusion Simulation
Primary Author: M2-TUM
Other Authors:Fabian Hansch, Stefanie Schetter
Institution: TU Munich
Description: diffusionT(n,duration,xMax,yMax) simulates the movement of n particles
in a fixed frame of size [xMax, yMax].
These particles hit the wall or each other and hence change their impulse.
duration is the number of times the whole system changes.

diffusionTgleich(n,duration,xMax,yMax) shows the diffusion of
two different types of particles (each type consists of 0.5*anzahl particles).
The distribution of the particles along the x-value is plotted afterwards.

diffusionTKurs(n,duration,xMax,yMax) draws the path of one diffusing particle.

Usage: Type unzip
Contents: diffusionT.m diffusionTgleich.m diffusionTKurs.m

This file was generated by students as a partial fulfillment
for the requirements of the course "Fractals",
Winter term 2004/2005, Stuttgart University.

Keywords: diffusion, Diffusion, particles, Teilchen, Bahnkurve, random walk, Fraktale, fractal
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File Version: 1.0
Matlab Version: 7.0
Date: 2004-12-15
Downloads: 3093
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