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Title: Fractal Landscape 2D
Primary Author: M2-TUM
Other Authors:Tanja Fischer, Pascal Maerkl
Institution: TU Munich
Description: durchschnitt(n,kont,h,flag) draws the cut through a fractal landscape.
The landscape is given by a recursively computed mountain -
with or without randomisation.

n gives the number of iterations.
kont is the contraction factor.
h is a constant height that is added in every step (for the random version).
flag indicates whether the height difference is chosen randomly -
flag = 0 is random, every other flag gives the deterministic picture.

durchschnitt(n,kont,h) gives a random landscape.

durchschnitt(n) uses kont = 0.5, h = 0.3.

durchschnitt uses n = 6 in addition.

Usage: Type unzip
Contents: durchschnitt.m durchschnitt_matrix.m map.mat mat2.mat

This file was generated by students as a partial fulfillment
for the requirements of the course "Fractals",
Winter term 2004/2005, Stuttgart University.

Keywords: fractal, Fraktale, landscape, mountain, Berg, Landschaft, Durchschnitt, recursion, Rekursion
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File Version: 1.0
Matlab Version: 7.0
Date: 2005-01-17
Downloads: 1866
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