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Title: CND Viewer
Author: Michael Speck
Institution: ---
Description: This tool visualizes the approximation of various CND functions like those from Bolzano, Weierstrass, Riemann, Takagi etc. A lot of options (WithPreviousPlot, HoldAllPlots, AnimatePlots, Depth, Points, Parameters) which are explained in 'help cnd_viewer' add flexibility to the presentation and can be easily edited in the graphical interface. A short information on each function is also provided.

You open the interface by just typing 'cnd_viewer' in MATLAB.
Keywords: continuous, nowhere differentiable, not differentiable, fractal, weierstrass, riemann, takagi, plot
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File Size: 9 KB
File Version: 1.0.1
Matlab Version: 6.5
Date: 2002-12-10
Downloads: 2255
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