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Title: Solarpan
Author: Johannes Judex
Institution: Paul Scherrer Institut (ETH Zürich)
Description: this program calculates the mean sunshine angle on a horizontal surface which can be undestood as the angle at which a solar plate must be  set to receive most of the time orthogonal sunrays.
This result is optimized enough for small panels. This program must be
extended to optimize the angle of the plate in an energy point of view Which will be available in Version 2.
     If you start the program you will be prompted for
     1) geographical latitude (North positiv) [degree]
     2) Resolution of the steps (12 if you wanna have 12 values a day)
     press ok and you will receive a diagram of the angles of the panel   
refered to the vertikal axis.

 The calculated angle refers only to the vertikal angle. Adjust the
     panel to south for optimal horizontal angle.
  To do
     - energetic optimization
     - running from any date to any date
     - calculating horizontal angles
     - any suggestions?

 Program version 1.0
 Author Johannes Judex

 Model Information
 Model is taken from Iqbal
 "Wärme und Stofftransport"
 Authors Stephan, Baehr
 Springer Verlag Heidelberg
Keywords: solar, panel, module, angles
File Name: solarpan.m
File Size: 5 KB
File Version: 1.0
Matlab Version: 6.5 (R13)
Date: 2004-08-12
Downloads: 2101
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