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Title: sun
Author: Johannes Judex
Institution: Paul Scherrer Institut (ETH Zürich)
Description: This small program calculates and plots the path of the sun during a
given day on a given geographical position. This is not the real
path of the sun, but the path you see as an observer from earth.
You will be prompted for your position and the day you want to
simulate. Please be sure you have your position in degrees
(longitude, latitude, standart longitude).
The graphical output will be labeled so you hopefully won't have any
problems understanding it.
  • doesn't validates solar eclipses
  • solar time is 12:00 when sun is at the zenith
  • this program comes in Version 1.0 and there may be several enhancements to program, but so far it works fine
  • there is no function input required.
[sunpath]=sun gives back the coordinates of the suns position at the
given date, position, and resolution. So you can anytime use this
information for further calculations

Author: Johannes Judex
Version: 1.0
Date: 12th August 2004
This program is written based on the book "an introduction to solar
radiation" by Muhammad IQBAL 1983
Keywords: solar, path, sun
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File Size: 4 KB
File Version: 1.0
Matlab Version: 6.5 (R13)
Date: 2004-08-12
Downloads: 2472
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