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Title: SDTruss
Author: Andreas Klimke
Institution: Technische Universität München
Description: Computes rod and support reaction forces for a statically determined truss system.

Input arguments:

  • nodes: n x 2 matrix containing x- and y coordinates, n denoting the total number of nodes
  • rods: r x 2 matrix defining rods (1st node to 2nd node), with r denoting the number of rods
  • forces: f x 3 matrix defining node forces (node number, force in x direction, force in y direction. f denotes the total number of forces.
  • supports: s x 3 matrix defining the supports (node number, constraint in x-axis, constraint in y-axis). s denotes the total number of supports. For the constraints, and entry of 1 denotes a constraint in that direction, 0 denotes no constraint in that direction.
  • s: resulting rod forces (negative value = pressure force, positive value = tension force).
  • a: resuting support reactions.

2 demonstration geometries are included. Start with 'main'.

Keywords: statically determined system, truss, mechanics, rod forces
File Name:
File Size: 74 KB
File Version: 0.2
Matlab Version: 6.1
Date: 2002-04-26
Downloads: 1338
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