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Title: Fruehstueckskassenkontrolle (Breakfast payment control tool)
Author: Rolf Krause
Institution: University of Bonn
Description: FKK - plot so called 'Fruehstuekskassenabrechnung'
This file implements the well known fruehstuekskassenalgorithmus
developed at FU Berlin
usage FKK(action) action can be:
  • 'start' - load datafile and open session
  • 'stop' - write datafile and close session
  • 'write' - write datafile, leave session open
  • 'all' - print every 'einzahlung' to the matlab shell
  • 'print' - print picture and statistics to file on web The name of the picture and of the html-file have to be provided by the users only once
  • empty - plot fruehstueckskassenstatistics
  • - plot fruehstueckskassenstatistics, starting from day
CAUTION: Every non-empty string which is not 'start' or 'stop' or 'write' or 'all' is interpreted
as datestring. See DATENUM for description of the date format.
Members can be added or removed by using 'AddMember" and 'RemoveMember'
Inpayment is handled by 'einzahlung', payout by 'auszahlung'
See the respective m-files for more help on this topic.
Any Member of the fruehstuekskasse is associated with a weight and a ignore flag. For example, Joe is represented by the structure
  • Name: 'Joe'
  • Weight: 1
  • Print: 1
This means, any payment of Joe is weighted by the factor 1 and his statistics is printed to the Display. In case of
  • Name: 'Joe'
  • Weight: 2
  • Print: 1
we would assume, Joe is only drinking half of the usual amount of coffee, since all his payments are weighted by the factor of 2. Three types of payments are supported: Real, virtual and noeat.
  • Real payment is adding money to the fruehstueckskasse.
  • Virtual payment has been created for people joining the fruehstueckskasse later. Then, their account can be balanced by giving an virtual inpayment.
  • noeat payments are designed for people being on vacation. For example, everybody not joining the fruehstueck might get an noeat payment of 4$ for each fruehstueck he or she is absent.
A typical FKK-session might look like this (Joe gave 20 $ to the fruehstueckskasse and Jane was on vacation):
  • FKK start
  • einzahlung('Joe', '0-5-06-2002', 20, 'r')
  • einzahlung('Jane', '0-5-06-2002', 4, 'n')
  • FKK print
  • FKK close
Note, that using FKK you do not get any idea of how much money is actually available on in the fruehstueckskasse. It just shows you the relations between the payments of the members so you can figure somebody out to be the next one to pay in.
Keywords: amount, list, payment, coffe, breakfast, html
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File Version: 1.0
Matlab Version: 6.1
Date: 2002-04-26
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