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Title: Color Image Threshold Matlab Program
Author: Yingzi Du
Institution: U.S. Naval Academy
Description: The program is designed for globle image thresholding. The system basically inputs an color image with formats recognizable by the MATLAB, such as JPG, TIF, and PNG. And it outputs a color thresholded image. In this program, you could choose the following methods: OTSU's thresholding method, Local Entropy Method (LE), Joint Entropy Method (JE), Global Entropy Method (GE), Local Relative Entropy Method (LRE), Joint Relative Entropy Method (JRE), and Global Relative Entropy Method (GRE).
Keywords: Color Image Thresholding, Otsu
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File Size: 12 KB
File Version: 1.0
Matlab Version: 6.5 (R13)
Date: 2004-08-11
Downloads: 25423
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