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Title: Flow in Periodic Porous Media
Author: Olaf Arie Cirpka
E-Mail: Olaf.Cirpka-AT-IWS.Uni-Stuttgart.DE
Institution: University of Stuttgart, Institute of Hydraulic Engineering
Description: Given the geostatistical parameters of a random, periodic log-conductivity field and the mean hydraulic gradient, the mean specific discharge, and the covariances of heads and specific discharge are calculated.

Linear stochastic theory of flow in random porous media can be formulated in the spectral domain, relating the spectra of dependent quantities, such as hydraulic head and velocity, to the spectrum of the log-conductivity field. The script uses FFT techniques to solve these equations numerically.

Keywords: random periodic porous media, flow, stochastic hydrology
File Name: per_head.m
File Size: 21 KB
File Version: 1.0
Matlab Version: 6.5
Date: 2003-04-03
Downloads: 4120
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