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    Title Summary Primary Author Date
    NEW VERSION!!! A MATLAB package of adaptive finite element methods (AFEMs) for stationary and evolution partial differential equations in two spatial dimensions. Chen, Zhang 2006-11-17
    Discontinuous Galerkin Method
    Error decay for the numeric solution of a 2D parabolic equation using the Discontinuous Galerkin Method Jonas Ballani 2007-04-23
    Domain Decomposition
    Solution of Poisson's equation using domain decoposition on a domain composed of a rectangle and a semicircle with u=0 on the boundary. Bernd Flemisch 2002-08-08
    Elastoviscoplastic FEM
    Elastoviscoplastic finite element analysis in 100 lines of Matlab. Carsten Carstensen 2002-12-04
    FE approximation with a patch-element
    The program solves PDEs on a domain including a subdomain, called patch-element, wherein the solution is more precise. Start the mainfile to get the solution. One example is attached which shows the usage of the program (test.m). Markus Daub 2007-11-18
    FE Error
    Computes the FE error measured in the L2- and H1-norm for 2D problems. (Update, much faster than the old version) Bernd Flemisch 2004-07-14
    FE with anisotropic mesh
    Linear FE over an anisotropic, uniform mesh for the Poisson equation. Andreas Klimke 2002-01-14
    FEM Analysis of truss
    In this project user defines a fem problem by denoting the nodes and kind of connectivity between the nodes, then the applied loads and nodes DOF must be specified. This program solves the problem and results the reaction forces and deflection of each nod Ahmad Kolahi 2005-07-31
    FEM in Elasticity
    Flexible implementation of the finite element method in linear elasticity. Carsten Carstensen 2002-12-04
    FEM toolbox for solid mechanics
    The Finite Element toolbox for solid mechanics with simple GUI. Anton Zaicenco 2014-11-09
    Finite Elements in 1D
    Finite Element software for linear and quadratic finite elements in the intervel (0,1) with error computation if an exact solution is given. Stefan Hueeber 2007-02-07
    Mortar FE on nonmatching grid
    Mortar finite element on nonmatching grids for the Poisson equation. Talal Rahman 2002-03-15
    Multigrid solver for scalar linear elliptic PDEs. Beat the direct solver! Bernd Flemisch 2004-03-29
    Numerical simulation of solution of orange droplet in a soup.
    This project simulate numerically the process of solution of orange droplet in a soup. Program is written in Matlab environment and uses a userfriendly interface to show the solution process versus time. Ahmad Kolahi 2005-07-31
    Obstacle problem
    This little program solves the obstacle problem on the unit square either with a monotone Gau?-Seidel method or a primal-dual active set strategy or an augmented Lagrangean method. Stefan Hueeber 2007-07-06
    Obstacle problem in 1D with penalty
    This program solves the obstacle probelm in 1D leading to variational inequality of first kind with the penalty method for diffferent penalty functions Stefan Hueeber 2007-05-24
    P2 finite elements
    Finite element discretization using piecewise quadratic triangular elements. Bernd Flemisch 2004-04-02
    Perfect Plasticity
    Three solution methods for perfect plasticity including the radial return algorithm, a semi-smooth Newton method, and an SQP method. Jonas Ballani 2008-06-25
    Solve Schroedinger equation for some sample molecules Ahmad Kolahi 2005-06-25
    Simplified Friction Problem
    This program solves the 2D simplified friction problem on (0,1)^2 in combintaion with a penalty approach. The resulting nonlinear equation in each step is solved by a damped Newton method. Stefan Hueeber 2007-05-30
    Solution of 1D-collision-problem (wave equation)
    1D-collision-problem with deformable bodies: coaxial collision of cylinders, capsules or spheres. Ordinary wave equation in 1D and variants thereof. Numerical solution using FE (for spatial discretisation, "method of lines"). Fabian Benesch 2011-09-14
    A GUi to solve diffusion - transport problem with stabilization method (upwind, scharfetter gummel, strong consistent method) giancarlo zaccone 2006-09-11
    Transient Maxwell's equations
    Comparison of different finite element discretizations for the transient Maxwell's equations in a cavity. Ralf Hiptmair 2002-10-28
    gui for finite element triangulations Eckart Gekeler 2002-03-20
    Visualises linear finite element functions on unstructured triangular grids or bilinears on rectangular grids by different methods. Willy Doerfler 2002-03-08