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Finite Difference Method

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    Title Summary Primary Author Date
    Comparison of Iterative Solvers
    This is a collection of routines comparing different iterative schemes for approximating the solution of a system of linear equations. Bernd Flemisch 2002-08-08
    Equation GUI
    A simple GUI for ODE and PDE problems giancarlo zaccone 2006-04-18
    FDM Discretization
    5/9-Point-Stencil Finite Difference Discretization Florian Schmid 2002-01-09
    FEM Analysis of truss
    In this project user defines a fem problem by denoting the nodes and kind of connectivity between the nodes, then the applied loads and nodes DOF must be specified. This program solves the problem and results the reaction forces and deflection of each nod Ahmad Kolahi 2005-07-31
    Numerical simulation of solution of orange droplet in a soup.
    This project simulate numerically the process of solution of orange droplet in a soup. Program is written in Matlab environment and uses a userfriendly interface to show the solution process versus time. Ahmad Kolahi 2005-07-31
    Optimal control of the obstacle problem
    Active set strategy Serbiniyaz Anyyeva 2012-07-26
    Poisson 9-Stencil
    Equivalent function to gallery('poisson'), but for the compact 9-Point-Stencil. Florian Schmid 2001-11-11
    Poisson Equation Discretization - Matrix Eigenvalues
    Graphical evaluation of the maximum and minimum Eigenvalues of the 5-Point-Stencil discretization matrix for the Poisson problem. Bishnu Lamichhane 2002-05-06
    Rotation Symmetric Minimum Area
    This program computes a rotation symmetric minimum area with a Finite Difference Scheme an the Newton method. Stefan Hueeber 2004-03-05
    Solve Schroedinger equation for some sample molecules Ahmad Kolahi 2005-06-25
    Transport Equation with Finite Differences
    This program solves the transport equation with different Finite difference schemes and computes the convergence rates of these methods Stefan Hueeber 2003-02-03
    Vibrating String GUI
    This GUI demonstrates the behavior of a vibrating string with different initial conditions. Three different solvers are used. M2-TUM 2004-01-13
    Wave Equation with Newmark scheme
    This program solves the wave equation with Newmark scheme and computes the convergence rates of this method Stefan Hueeber 2003-02-07