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Least Squares Problems

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    Title Summary Primary Author Date
    Curve Fitting
    GUI application for curve fitting. User can control point selection. M2-TUM 2003-05-06
    EzyFit Toolbox
    A free curve fitting toolbox for Matlab Frederic Moisy 2016-04-28
    Gradient Based Subspace tracking
    This is a simple function to track the subspace of a signal Gurudatha Pai 2009-01-15
    Least-squares polynomial approximations
    Given n points in x-y coordinates, function Least_Squares(x, y, m) constructs the least-squares polynomial of degree m. The call to the function returns a vector c whose components c0, c1, ..., cm are the coefficients of the polynomial. Alain kapitho 2006-01-11
    Multishift CGLS
    solves the systems of linear equations
    (A'*A+TAU(I)*EYE(N))*X(:,I)=A'*B (I=1:L)
    for X with the multishift CGLS algorithm.
    The matlab code is written by Gerard Sleijpen and Jasper van den Eshof.
    Jasper van den Eshof 2004-05-21