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Eigenvalue Problems

  • Programs in Category Eigenvalue Problems

    Title Summary Primary Author Date
    Coupled Pendulum
    Simulates the movement of a pendulum consisting of two distinct pendulars; one is fixed at theend of the other. M2-TUM 2005-12-08
    Eigenvalues GUI
    This GUI demonstrates the iterative methods to find eigenvalues of a given matrix, using power method, inverse power method and QR-Iteration. M2-TUM 2004-01-13
    FEM toolbox for solid mechanics
    The Finite Element toolbox for solid mechanics with simple GUI. Anton Zaicenco 2014-11-09
    Mass Oscillator
    Visualizes the oscillation of a coupled system with two springs. M2-TUM 2007-04-13
    PCG with eigenvalue estimates
    Preconditioned conjugate gradients with extremal eigenvalue estimates Talal Rahman 2002-04-16
    Sorting Real Schur Forms
    Given the complex Schur form of a real matrix, AU=UR with U unitary and Q upper triangular, this routine computes orthogonal Q and quasi-upper triangular real T such that AQ=QT with prescribed ordering of the diagonal blocks of T. Jan Brandts 2003-01-23
    Truss visualization
    Draws a truss and simulates the influence of an acting force. Also eigen oscillations can be visualized. M2-TUM 2005-11-29