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Interpolation by Splines

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    Title Summary Primary Author Date
    Plot of two-dimensional B-spline curve for arbitrary control points and order of the B-splines. Stefan Hueeber 2007-11-30
    Cubic spline interpolation Rolf Krause 1998-02-22
    interp2 Example
    Example for the usage of interp2: Bicubic smoothing of an image Andreas Klimke 2002-07-06
    Natural Cubic Splines
    The fitting of smooth curve through a set of data points and extention to this is the fitting of 'best fit' spline to a large set of data points which show the cerrent trend but which do not all lie above the curve. The method involves cluster analysis. Peter Radkov 2008-09-28
    Spline Basis GUI
    GUI to visualize the basis functions of spline spaces. M2-TUM 2004-05-15