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Interpolation by Polynomials

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    Title Summary Primary Author Date
    This litte program plots the Bezier-curve of a sequence of arbitrary chosen control points Stefan Hueeber 2007-11-16
    EzyFit Toolbox
    A free curve fitting toolbox for Matlab Frederic Moisy 2016-04-28
    Lagrange interpolation
    Function to find an interpolation point starting from Lagrange interpolation. Alexeis Companioni 2008-02-13
    Lagrange Interpolation
    Comparison between three different numerical methods to compute the Lagrange interpolation of a given function. Stefan Hueeber 2008-02-04
    Lagrange vs. Chebyshev
    Comparison of Lagrangian interpolation for equidistant and non-equidistant (Chebyshev) sample points Andreas Klimke 2002-10-28
    Plot Lagrangian and Chebyshev polynomial for comparison. Rolf Krause 1998-02-22
    Aitken-Neville algorithm to evaluate a Lagrangian polynomial given through support nodes at a new point. Andreas Klimke 2002-06-14
    Newton interpolation
    Function to find an interpolation point starting from
    Newton interpolation.
    Alexeis Companioni 2008-05-02
    Newton interpolation polynomial with divided differences
    given n points in x-y coordinates, function divided_diff(x,y,x0) constructs the Newton's interpolatory polynomial of degree n-1 and evaluates it at the specified point x0. Alain kapitho 2006-01-11
    Newton's Interpolation
    Script for Newton's Interpolation
    newton_interpolation(x, y, p)
    Muhammad Rafiullah Arain 2005-04-07