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    Title Summary Primary Author Date
    Constrained Optimization: Tensioned String
    This program solves the constrained optimization problem of the tensioned string with several methods. Stefan Hueeber 2007-07-05
    Equality Constrained Quadratic Problem Solver
    Solves the Equality Constrained Quadratic Problem based on the given matrices. See program's comments Arash Mehraban 2012-12-06
    Examples for Simplex Algorithm
    This program provides two examples for the simplex algorithm. Stefan Hueeber 2002-10-07
    Obstacle problem
    This little program solves the obstacle problem on the unit square either with a monotone Gau?-Seidel method or a primal-dual active set strategy or an augmented Lagrangean method. Stefan Hueeber 2007-07-06
    Obstacle problem in 1D with penalty
    This program solves the obstacle probelm in 1D leading to variational inequality of first kind with the penalty method for diffferent penalty functions Stefan Hueeber 2007-05-24
    solves nonlinear optimization problems Eckart Gekeler 2002-06-10
    Optimal control of the obstacle problem
    Active set strategy Serbiniyaz Anyyeva 2012-07-26