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    Title Summary Primary Author Date
    solves control problems using Newton's method Eckart Gekeler 2002-06-05
    Damped Newton Method
    Implementation of the well known Newton method. Bernd Flemisch 2003-01-24
    Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics
    Numerical mtd is used for calculating the diflection of the structure. Himenshu Nalindrajith Praveen Moragaspitiya 2006-11-05
    Newton iteration for complex functions
    Illustrates the convergence regions and the number of iterations for some given complex functions. Eugen Bubolz 2004-01-16
    Newton method
    Function that allows to solve nonlinear ecuations using the newton method. The root must be isolated as a initial condition. Alexeis Companioni 2011-06-13
    Newton Method
    Compute the zero of the given inline function with newton iteration. Bishnu Lamichhane 2003-01-21
    Newton Method System Case
    Flexible implementation of Newton's method for a system of nonlinear equations. Andreas Klimke 2003-06-13
    Perfect Plasticity
    Three solution methods for perfect plasticity including the radial return algorithm, a semi-smooth Newton method, and an SQP method. Jonas Ballani 2008-06-25
    Robot with Newton Method
    This program demonstrates the animation of a robot as the solutions of the multidimensional Newton method Stefan Hueeber 2003-02-06
    Rotation Symmetric Minimum Area
    This program computes a rotation symmetric minimum area with a Finite Difference Scheme an the Newton method. Stefan Hueeber 2004-03-05