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    Title Summary Primary Author Date
    Analog Clock
    Analog clock sync with the personal computer clock time Debashis Paul 2007-09-02
    Bar Chart Demo
    Demonstration for a bar chart Andreas Klimke 2002-04-23
    Beam Vibration Analysis
    In this project the mode shapes and natural frequencies of continuous beam of variable cross section area is calculated. The mode shape of fourth natural frequency is as following figure. Ahmad Kolahi 2005-07-31
    Calculate and plot the DFT (magnitude) for the triangular window
    Calculate and plot the DFT (magnitude) for the triangular window defined by W[n]= 0, n<0 n+1, 0<=n<=99 200-(n+1), 100<=n<=198 0, n>198 Compare peak sidelobe level and sidelobe roll-off rate for this window with those of the rectangular window Debashis Paul 2005-03-31
    FEM Analysis of truss
    In this project user defines a fem problem by denoting the nodes and kind of connectivity between the nodes, then the applied loads and nodes DOF must be specified. This program solves the problem and results the reaction forces and deflection of each nod Ahmad Kolahi 2005-07-31
    Gas Exchange in the Lung
    Calculates the oxygen concentration in blood depending on different ventilation perfusion ratios. M2-TUM 2008-06-18
    Image Rotation
    A very simple program to rotate an image by 90, 180 or 270 degrees. Sunny Jaiswal 2007-01-13
    interp2 Example
    Example for the usage of interp2: Bicubic smoothing of an image Andreas Klimke 2002-07-06
    interpft Example
    Interpolation of a sawtooth wave with interpft Andreas Klimke 2002-06-18
    Pie Chart Demo
    Script file to generate multiple pie charts. Andreas Klimke 2003-02-06
    Simple calculator
    GUI calculator with the basic functions. Mohammad alshikh khalil 2006-08-30
    Stock Analysis
    Some stocks are analyzed as an example for the usage of classes in Matlab Andreas Klimke 2002-07-05