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    Title Summary Primary Author Date
    Plot of two-dimensional B-spline curve for arbitrary control points and order of the B-splines. Stefan Hueeber 2007-11-30
    This litte program plots the Bezier-curve of a sequence of arbitrary chosen control points Stefan Hueeber 2007-11-16
    Constrained Optimization: Tensioned String
    This program solves the constrained optimization problem of the tensioned string with several methods. Stefan Hueeber 2007-07-05
    Coulomb ODE with GUI
    Solution of a harmonical oszillator with Coulomb friction using different methods for various step sizes. Stefan Hueeber 2002-10-25
    Examples for Simplex Algorithm
    This program provides two examples for the simplex algorithm. Stefan Hueeber 2002-10-07
    Finite Elements in 1D
    Finite Element software for linear and quadratic finite elements in the intervel (0,1) with error computation if an exact solution is given. Stefan Hueeber 2007-02-07
    Lagrange Interpolation
    Comparison between three different numerical methods to compute the Lagrange interpolation of a given function. Stefan Hueeber 2008-02-04
    Obstacle problem
    This little program solves the obstacle problem on the unit square either with a monotone Gau?-Seidel method or a primal-dual active set strategy or an augmented Lagrangean method. Stefan Hueeber 2007-07-06
    Obstacle problem in 1D with penalty
    This program solves the obstacle probelm in 1D leading to variational inequality of first kind with the penalty method for diffferent penalty functions Stefan Hueeber 2007-05-24
    QR factorization with Householder
    This program contains some files for computing the QR factorization of an arbitrary (n x m)-matrix A using the Householder transformation. Stefan Hueeber 2006-01-09
    Robot with Newton Method
    This program demonstrates the animation of a robot as the solutions of the multidimensional Newton method Stefan Hueeber 2003-02-06
    Rotation Symmetric Minimum Area
    This program computes a rotation symmetric minimum area with a Finite Difference Scheme an the Newton method. Stefan Hueeber 2004-03-05
    Simplified Friction Problem
    This program solves the 2D simplified friction problem on (0,1)^2 in combintaion with a penalty approach. The resulting nonlinear equation in each step is solved by a damped Newton method. Stefan Hueeber 2007-05-30
    Stiff Beam GUI
    This GUI demonstrates the solution of the ordinary differential equation system of a vibrating stiff beam using different methods. Stefan Hueeber 2004-02-04
    Transport Equation with Finite Differences
    This program solves the transport equation with different Finite difference schemes and computes the convergence rates of these methods Stefan Hueeber 2003-02-03
    Vanderpol ODE with GUI
    Solution of van der Pol's equation using different methods for various step sizes. Stefan Hueeber 2002-10-25
    Wave Equation with Newmark scheme
    This program solves the wave equation with Newmark scheme and computes the convergence rates of this method Stefan Hueeber 2003-02-07