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    Advanced Dynamics
    Advanced Dynamics course computer simulated projects Ahmad Kolahi 2005-06-25
    Beam Vibration Analysis
    In this project the mode shapes and natural frequencies of continuous beam of variable cross section area is calculated. The mode shape of fourth natural frequency is as following figure. Ahmad Kolahi 2005-07-31
    Capturing video data from I-Link cards
    This program is implemented in GUI environment of Matlab and invokes the data acquisition toolbox to capture video data from I-Link cards. It's also prepared some elementary features to edit the captured data and save it in the avi format. Ahmad Kolahi 2005-07-26
    Deinterlacing mixed video frames into normal video
    The graphical interface of this program is designed by Matlab GUI environment, and it has used Image Processing toolbox of Matlab to Deinterlace the mixed video frames into normal video frames. Ahmad Kolahi 2005-07-26
    FEM Analysis of truss
    In this project user defines a fem problem by denoting the nodes and kind of connectivity between the nodes, then the applied loads and nodes DOF must be specified. This program solves the problem and results the reaction forces and deflection of each nod Ahmad Kolahi 2005-07-31
    Foucault Pendulum
    Foucault Pendulum differential equation and solution Ahmad Kolahi 2005-07-26
    Furnace Design
    Furnace Design Parameters Calculator Ahmad Kolahi 2005-06-25
    Image Processing and tracing the Markers
    This program uses the mean square difference techniques to find the markers in the frames. The results are the Excel file of x-y coordinates of the traced markers. The program invokes some intelligent algorithms to find the markers positions. Ahmad Kolahi 2005-07-26
    Numerical Simulation of Cavity problem with SIMPLE method
    This project simulate numerically the problem of cavity with moving top lid. The path of flow and distribution of velocities component and pressure inside the cavity is calculated. This program is written with SIMPLE algorithm in Matlab environment. Ahmad Kolahi 2005-07-31
    Numerical simulation of solution of orange droplet in a soup.
    This project simulate numerically the process of solution of orange droplet in a soup. Program is written in Matlab environment and uses a userfriendly interface to show the solution process versus time. Ahmad Kolahi 2005-07-31
    Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger
    Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger Ahmad Kolahi 2005-06-25
    Simulate 3-bar robotic arms with Virtual Reality toolbox. Ahmad Kolahi 2005-06-25
    Solve Schroedinger equation for some sample molecules Ahmad Kolahi 2005-06-25
    Signal Processing
    Spectral Analysis of an input data Ahmad Kolahi 2005-07-26
    Simulation of motions of billiard ball inside a rectangular area
    A number of balls have random motion inside a rectangular area. There is no external force on this system. The ball have initial random velocity component and they collide with each other and either with walls. This program simulate this process and show Ahmad Kolahi 2005-07-31
    Synchronization of the cameras
    This program finds the same frames in the avi files that is captured with two cameras with different positioning and alignment, in other words it synchronize the two cameras frames. Ahmad Kolahi 2005-07-26
    Three Bar Impulse
    Advanced Dynamics, Problem of impulse to three bar with friction Ahmad Kolahi 2005-06-25