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    Title Summary Primary Author Date
    Arenstorf orbits
    Solution of the ODE arising from the three body problem via an adaptive RK4(3) scheme. Bernd Flemisch 2002-10-28
    Comparison of Iterative Solvers
    This is a collection of routines comparing different iterative schemes for approximating the solution of a system of linear equations. Bernd Flemisch 2002-08-08
    Damped Newton Method
    Implementation of the well known Newton method. Bernd Flemisch 2003-01-24
    Domain Decomposition
    Solution of Poisson's equation using domain decoposition on a domain composed of a rectangle and a semicircle with u=0 on the boundary. Bernd Flemisch 2002-08-08
    FE Error
    Computes the FE error measured in the L2- and H1-norm for 2D problems. (Update, much faster than the old version) Bernd Flemisch 2004-07-14
    Multigrid solver for scalar linear elliptic PDEs. Beat the direct solver! Bernd Flemisch 2004-03-29
    P2 finite elements
    Finite element discretization using piecewise quadratic triangular elements. Bernd Flemisch 2004-04-02
    PDE toolbox example, circular area
    Example for Discretization of Laplace Operator, Dirichlet Boundary Conditions, with the PDE Toolbox. Bernd Flemisch 2002-01-11
    Quadrature Formula Comparison
    Comparison of the accumulated quadrature formulas of type open Gauss with the ones of type closed Newton-Cotes. Bernd Flemisch 2002-08-08
    Stability Domains
    GUI for plotting the stability domains of the most common ODE solvers. Bernd Flemisch 2003-02-03