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    Title Summary Primary Author Date
    Andrews' Squeezer Mechanism
    Matlab code of the well-known test example for a multibody mechanism (index-1 formulation). Andreas Klimke 2004-02-07
    Bar Chart Demo
    Demonstration for a bar chart Andreas Klimke 2002-04-23
    Bilinear Image Rescaling
    Rescales raw image data using bilinear interpolation. Andreas Klimke 2003-06-17
    Conjugate Gradients Method
    Conjugate Gradients method for solving a system of linear equations Ax = f. The matrix A must be symmetric and positive definite. Andreas Klimke 2003-05-13
    Cooling ODE
    Solve the differential equation given by Newton's law of cooling Andreas Klimke 2002-07-04
    Coulomb ODE
    Solve the ODE of a spring-mass-system attached to a wall with the object gliding over a rough surface. Andreas Klimke 2002-07-17
    dblquad Example
    Uses dblquad to compute integrals with a function evaluating to infinity at O(0,0). Andreas Klimke 2001-12-01
    FE with anisotropic mesh
    Linear FE over an anisotropic, uniform mesh for the Poisson equation. Andreas Klimke 2002-01-14
    Fixpoint Iteration
    Visualizes the fixpoint iteration Andreas Klimke 2002-07-05
    How to Access Matlab from Java
    The provided Java code demonstrates how to interface Matlab with Java. Two different approaches are considered. Andreas Klimke 2003-07-17
    Implicit vs. Explicit Euler
    Compares implicit and explicit Euler's method for the spring-mass-system differential equation Andreas Klimke 2002-07-05
    interp2 Example
    Example for the usage of interp2: Bicubic smoothing of an image Andreas Klimke 2002-07-06
    interpft Example
    Interpolation of a sawtooth wave with interpft Andreas Klimke 2002-06-18
    Julia Set GUI
    Creates colorful plots of the Julia set of a complex function. Andreas Klimke 2003-05-04
    Lagrange vs. Chebyshev
    Comparison of Lagrangian interpolation for equidistant and non-equidistant (Chebyshev) sample points Andreas Klimke 2002-10-28
    LU-Decomposition Visualizer
    View each step of the LU decomposition algorithm. Use the graphical user interface to modify parameters. Andreas Klimke 2003-05-04
    Mandelbrot Set GUI
    Graphical user interface to explore the Mandelbrot set. Andreas Klimke 2003-05-04
    Plots the Moebius strip. Andreas Klimke 2002-08-12
    Aitken-Neville algorithm to evaluate a Lagrangian polynomial given through support nodes at a new point. Andreas Klimke 2002-06-14
    Newton Method System Case
    Flexible implementation of Newton's method for a system of nonlinear equations. Andreas Klimke 2003-06-13
    PCG with Jacobi/Gauss-Seidel
    Implementation of the preconditioned gradients method, including examples for Jacobi & Gauss-Seidel preconditioners. Andreas Klimke 2003-05-13
    PDE toolbox example, T-Profile, plane strain
    Computation of deformation of a T-Profile under plane strain (Structural Mechanics). Andreas Klimke 2002-01-11
    Pie Chart Demo
    Script file to generate multiple pie charts. Andreas Klimke 2003-02-06
    Random Expression Generator
    A highly configurable tool to generate random symbolic expressions. Andreas Klimke 2003-03-17
    Function to compute the rod forces of a statically determined truss system. Andreas Klimke 2002-04-26
    Spring-Mass-System ODE
    Solution of the spring-mass-system using Matlab's ode45 solver. Andreas Klimke 2002-07-05
    Standard Iterative Solvers Comparison
    Comparison regarding convergence rate of the Jacobi, Gauss-Seidel, and optimum SOR iterative linear equation system solvers for the laplace equation. Andreas Klimke 2002-05-06
    Stock Analysis
    Some stocks are analyzed as an example for the usage of classes in Matlab Andreas Klimke 2002-07-05
    Van der Pol ODE
    Solution of van der Pol's equation using the classical Runge-Kutta-Method of order 4, level 4. Andreas Klimke 2002-07-04
    Plots Weierstrass's continuous, non-differentiable function. Andreas Klimke 2002-08-12