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  • Programs

    Title Summary Primary Author Date
    Asymmetric 2D Random Walk
    Simulates an two-dimensional asymmetric random walk and plots it. M2-TUM 2004-12-15
    Basketball Free Throw
    Simulates the impact of different model parameters like gravitation and rotation to free throws. M2-TUM 2008-06-18
    Brownian Motion
    Simulates electrochemical aggregation using Brownian motion. M2-TUM 2004-12-15
    Buffon's needle experiment
    Performs and visualizes Buffon's needle experiment to approximate the value of \pi. M2-TUM 2008-06-26
    Cantor Set
    Draws the n-th iteration of the Cantor set. M2-TUM 2004-11-26
    Draws the n-th iteration of the curve called Cantor's devil's stairs. M2-TUM 2004-11-26
    Cellular Automat
    Simulates a cellular automat with some given rules. M2-TUM 2005-03-07
    Chaos Game
    Simulates the game of chaos by Michael Barnsley. M2-TUM 2004-11-24
    Continuous but never Differentiable
    Draws the n-th partial sum of a series of functions such that the limit is a function that is continuous everywhere but never differentiable. M2-TUM 2004-12-01
    Convergence of Newton in Complex Plane
    Shows the rate of convergence for each starting point (x,y) using Newton iteration for the equation x^p + i = 0. M2-TUM 2004-11-30
    Coupled Pendulum
    Simulates the movement of a pendulum consisting of two distinct pendulars; one is fixed at theend of the other. M2-TUM 2005-12-08
    Curve Fitting
    GUI application for curve fitting. User can control point selection. M2-TUM 2003-05-06
    Diffusion Simulation
    Simulates the movement of multiple particles in a fixed frame. These particles hit the wall or each other and hence change their impulse. M2-TUM 2004-12-15
    Draw Angle of Line
    Draws an arc indicating the angle of the given line. M2-TUM 2004-03-15
    Drum Beats
    Creates a drum-like sound from an input wav-file. M2-TUM 2005-02-28
    Echo as a Self-similar Sound
    Creates different echo sounds from an input wav-file by a non-recursive or a recursive definition. M2-TUM 2005-02-28
    Eigenvalues GUI
    This GUI demonstrates the iterative methods to find eigenvalues of a given matrix, using power method, inverse power method and QR-Iteration. M2-TUM 2004-01-13
    Four Instruments
    Composes a piece of music with four different 'voices' which must be put in by four wav-files. M2-TUM 2005-02-28
    Fractal Dimension
    Calculates the dimension of a fractal curve or set in 2D using the box counting method. M2-TUM 2004-12-08
    Fractal Landscape 2D
    Draws the cut through a fractal landscape (randomized or deterministic version). M2-TUM 2005-01-17
    Fractal Landscape with Squares 3D
    Draws a fractal landscape (i.e. a recursively computed mountain) in 3D consisting of squares. M2-TUM 2005-01-18
    Fractal Landscape with Triangles 3D
    Draws a fractal landscape (i.e. a recursively computed mountain) in 3D consisting of triangles. M2-TUM 2005-01-18
    Gas Exchange in the Lung
    Calculates the oxygen concentration in blood depending on different ventilation perfusion ratios. M2-TUM 2008-06-18
    Gradient and Conjugate Gradients Method GUI
    GUI application for solving a system of equations using the Gradient and the Conjugate Gradients method. M2-TUM 2003-05-23
    Hilbert's Space-filling Curve
    Draws the n-th iteration of Hilbert's space-filling curve. M2-TUM 2004-11-26
    Constructs a fractal picture by the principle of a IFS (iterated function system). M2-TUM 2005-02-02
    Image Blur/Sharpen GUI
    GUI application for blurring and sharpening images using the Gaussian, USM, and Laplace filter. M2-TUM 2003-08-04
    Improper Integration Demo GUI
    GUI demo for numerical intergration of an improper integral using different methods. M2-TUM 2003-09-11
    Incomplete LU factorization
    multiple versions of the incomplete LU-factorization M2-TUM 2009-07-30
    Julia Set
    Draws the Julia set. M2-TUM 2004-11-30
    L-Systems 2D
    Simulates the L-system or string-rewriting-system in 2 dimensions. M2-TUM 2005-02-02
    L-Systems 3D
    Simulates the L-system or string-rewriting-system in 3 dimensions. M2-TUM 2005-02-02
    Linear Iterator
    Successively computes the values of the linear iterator f(x) = ax. M2-TUM 2005-03-01
    Lorenz Model GUI
    GUI to animate the solution of the "Lorenz Model". M2-TUM 2004-04-23
    Mandelbrot Set
    Draws the Mandelbrot set. M2-TUM 2004-11-26
    Mass Oscillator
    Visualizes the oscillation of a coupled system with two springs. M2-TUM 2007-04-13
    Matrix Visualization
    Visualization of 2d-matrices with colorful plots M2-TUM 2004-01-22
    Menger Cube
    Draws the n-th iteration of the Menger cube (or Menger sponge) M2-TUM 2004-11-26
    Constructs a fractal picture by the principle of a MRCM (multiple reduction copy machine). The algorithm stops after each iteration. M2-TUM 2005-02-01
    Multiple Bars
    Creates multiple bars of music with three different 'voices' which must be put in by three wav-files. M2-TUM 2005-02-28
    Newton Iteration in Complex Plane
    Shows the set of starting points (x,y) for each zero of the equations x^p + i = 0 (p=3, 5, 7) using Newton iteration. M2-TUM 2004-11-30
    Pascal's Triangle
    Draws Pascal's triangle with coloured hexagons. The colour of the hexagon with number n is determined by the parameter s (whether s divides n or not). M2-TUM 2004-11-26
    Peano Curve
    Draws the n-th iteration of the Peano curve. M2-TUM 2004-11-29
    Percolation Visualisation
    Draws a triangle of small objects which are black with probability z and white with probability 1-z. M2-TUM 2004-12-14
    Pythagoraeic Trees
    Constructs the n-th iteration of the fractal Pythagoraeic tree consisting of squares and triangles. M2-TUM 2005-06-17
    Quadratic Iterator
    Successively computes the values of the quadratic iterator f(x) = ax(1-x) M2-TUM 2005-03-01
    Randomised Koch Curve
    Draws the Koch curve at level n - randomised or normal. M2-TUM 2004-12-14
    Randomised Sierpinski Square
    Draws the Sierpinski triangle at level n into the unit square, but randomly permutes the four quarters of the square at each iteration. M2-TUM 2004-12-14
    Randomised Sierpinski Triangle
    Draws the Sierpinski triangle at level n with a randomised shape of the smaller triangles. M2-TUM 2004-12-14
    Rushing Water
    Simulates the sound of the waves at a beach, given an input wav-file with the sound of plain water. M2-TUM 2005-02-28
    Sawtooth Iterator
    Successively computes the values of an iterator on the sawtooth function. M2-TUM 2005-03-01
    Section Properties GUI
    GUI to draw different geometric shapes and calculate/display their section properties. M2-TUM 2004-03-30
    Sierpinski Carpet
    Draws the n-th iteration of the Sierpinski carpet. M2-TUM 2004-11-26
    Sierpinski Triangle
    Creates the Sierpinski triangle based on Pascal's triangle. M2-TUM 2004-11-24
    Simple pendulum ODE
    The linearization of the simple pendulum ODE is only a good approximation for small angles. M2-TUM 2009-12-02
    Spline Basis GUI
    GUI to visualize the basis functions of spline spaces. M2-TUM 2004-05-15
    Stock Price Simulation
    Simulates the development of a stock price at the financial market. M2-TUM 2004-12-15
    Symmetric 1D Random Walk
    Simulates a one-dimensional symmetric random walk (equal probability of going left or right) and plots it. M2-TUM 2004-12-15
    Symmetric 2D Random Walk
    Simulates a two-dimensional symmetric random walk (equal probability of going up, down, left or right) and plots it. M2-TUM 2004-12-15
    Tent Function Iterator
    Successively computes the values of an iterator on the tent function. M2-TUM 2005-03-02
    Three-body system (3D)
    GUI to animate the solution of the three-body system in 3D. M2-TUM 2009-07-28
    Tree Cluster Simulation
    Simulates a forest of trees. Some trees are burning at the beginning and the trees next to it catch fire; the simulation lasts until there is no fire left. M2-TUM 2004-12-15
    Truss visualization
    Draws a truss and simulates the influence of an acting force. Also eigen oscillations can be visualized. M2-TUM 2005-11-29
    Vibrating String GUI
    This GUI demonstrates the behavior of a vibrating string with different initial conditions. Three different solvers are used. M2-TUM 2004-01-13
    Visualization of Fourier series
    visualizes the approximation by a Fourier series M2-TUM 2009-12-18
    Wave Propagation
    Solves the wave equation using a reproducing kernel particle method. M2-TUM 2006-02-02

  • Exercises

    Title Summary Primary Author Date
    1D-Plot von Funktionen
    Anwendung der Funktionen plot und ezplot. M2-TUM 2005-03-02
    Anwendung des Befehls mesh. M2-TUM 2005-03-02
    Adams-Bashford Method
    Implementation of the Adams-Bashford method M2-TUM 2005-03-07
    Beschraenkung von Double
    IEEE 754-Double verglichen mit symbolischen Rechnen M2-TUM 2008-09-27
    Binaere Operatoren
    Berechnung und Anwendung binaerer Operatoren. M2-TUM 2005-03-02
    Rekursive Funktion zur Berechnung der Collatz-Vermutung M2-TUM 2008-09-23
    Conjugate Gradient Method
    Implementation of the cg method. M2-TUM 2005-03-02
    Crank-Nicolson Method
    Implementation of the Crank-Nicolson method for a cooling body. M2-TUM 2005-03-07
    Dreidimensionaler Plot
    Ein dreidimensionaler Plot einer Funktion soll erzeugt werden. M2-TUM 2008-09-22
    Dynamische Vektorgroesssen
    Kosten fuer dynamische Vektorgroessen durch die Speicherverwaltung M2-TUM 2008-09-28
    Dünnbesetzte Matrizen mit sparse
    Sinnvoller Einsatz von dünnbesetzten Matrizen mit sparse M2-TUM 2008-09-23
    Einfache Fragen zu Matlab
    Einfache Fragen zum grunsaetzlichen Verstaendnis von Matlab. M2-TUM 2008-09-18
    Einfache Vektor- und Matrizenfunktionen
    Durchschnitt, Norm, Determinate und Fehler interpretieren. M2-TUM 2008-09-18
    Erste Programmieraufgabe Fakultaet
    Einfache Programmieraufgabe zum Einstieg in Schleifen: Berechnung der Fakultaet M2-TUM 2008-09-18
    Function Plot 1D
    Use the functions plot und ezplot. M2-TUM 2005-04-22
    Function Plot 2D
    Use the command mesh. M2-TUM 2005-04-22
    Funktionen zeichnen mit Funktion-Handels M2-TUM 2008-09-20
    Harmonische Schwingung mit ode45
    Harmonische Schwingung mit ode45 loesen M2-TUM 2008-09-23
    If-Verzweigungen einsparen
    Durch geschlossene Formeln If-Verzweigungen sparen M2-TUM 2008-09-28
    Jacobi and SOR Method
    Implementation of the Jacobi and the SOR method. M2-TUM 2005-03-02
    Jacobi and SOR Method - Example
    Comparison of Jacobi and SOR method for Poisson matrix M2-TUM 2005-03-02
    Laufzeitvergleich symbolisch und numerisch Rechnen
    Laufzeitvergleich symbolisches und numerisches Rechnen M2-TUM 2008-09-27
    Logische Ausdruecke
    Logische Ausdruecke auswerten und nachrechnen lassen M2-TUM 2008-09-21
    Matrix Operations
    Create and modify matrices. M2-TUM 2005-04-22
    Matrizen erstellen
    Erstellen von regelmaessigen Matrizen ohne direkte Eingabe M2-TUM 2008-09-18
    Matrizenerzeugung und -manipulation. M2-TUM 2005-03-02
    Minimum und Maximum
    Programm soll Minimum und Maximum ermitteln M2-TUM 2008-09-18
    Nicht-Null-Elemente mit eigener Funktion zaehlen M2-TUM 2008-09-19
    Piecewise Composed Function
    Compute and plot a piecewise composed function. M2-TUM 2005-04-22
    Preconditioned CG Method
    Test of the pcg-method in Matlab. M2-TUM 2005-03-02
    Predictor-Corrector Method
    Implementation of the predictor-corrector (or Adams-Bashford-Moulton) method M2-TUM 2005-06-17
    Random Polygons
    Draw random polygons with a randomly chosen colour. M2-TUM 2005-04-22
    Rekursiv und iterativ im Vergleich
    Fibonacci-Zahlen rekursiv und iterativ berechnen M2-TUM 2008-09-23
    Runge-Kutta Solver
    Implementation of the 3/8 Runge-Kutta method M2-TUM 2005-03-07
    Runge-Kutta with Step-Size Control
    Implementation of an explicit solver with step-size control M2-TUM 2005-06-17
    Stability in a Simple ODE
    Implementation of a simple ODE and the corresponding Runge-Kutta solver M2-TUM 2005-03-07
    Steife Differentialgleichung
    Van-der-Pol-Gleichung als Beispiel einer steifen DGL M2-TUM 2008-09-23
    Stueckweise zusammengesetzte Funktionen
    Berechnung und Plot von stueckweise zusammengesetzten Funktionen. M2-TUM 2005-03-02
    Summe und Median
    Gedanken zu gueltigen Argumenten. M2-TUM 2008-09-19
    Symbolisch Summen und Limes berechnen
    Symbolisch Summen und Limes berechnen M2-TUM 2008-09-27
    Symbolisches Loesen einer gewoehnlichen DGL
    Symbolisches Loeser einer gewoehnlichen Differentialgleichung zweiter Ordnung M2-TUM 2008-09-27
    Toter Code
    Warum wird ein Codeteil nie ausgefuehrt? M2-TUM 2008-09-22
    Unsymmetric Systems
    Comparison of the CGS, BiCG, BiCGStab and GMRES methods in Matlab. M2-TUM 2005-03-02
    Vektorstruktur nutzen
    Vektorbefehle statt Schleifen benutzen M2-TUM 2008-09-28
    Visualisierungen mit plot und image
    Einfache Uebung zu plot und image. M2-TUM 2008-09-17