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    tracks mouse position in your graphs Johannes Judex 2005-02-24
    Using discan, you can replot scanned or photographed diagrams. If you don't have any data, but you have an image, and you want to plot this data again, then this is the right thing. Johannes Judex 2006-04-26
    pointershape changes the shape of the pointer in the current figure, thats all. Spice up your programms a little bit ... Johannes Judex 2005-02-06
    progress window (singPro V 2.2)
    Progress window is a easy to use and usefull little tool if you run simulations or heaps of signalprocessing routines. It will tell you the progress of your calculations. Johannes Judex 2005-02-05
    calculates the geometrical optimized angle of a solar plate to its vertikal axis. Johannes Judex 2004-08-12
    plots the path of the sun during a given day for a given geographical position Johannes Judex 2004-08-12