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    Title Summary Primary Author Date
    1D Signal Analysis
    One- and three-stage decomposition of a test signal, reconstruction, reconstruction error. Kevin Amaratunga 2002-08-08
    Approximation with Scaling Function
    Approximation of functions by the scaling function and its translates. Kevin Amaratunga 2002-08-08
    Basic Filter Examples
    Basic filter examples, upsampling and downsampling. Kevin Amaratunga 2002-08-08
    Biorthogonal Scaling
    Compute the samples of the biorthogonal scaling functions and wavelets. Kevin Amaratunga 2002-08-08
    Calculate and plot the DFT (magnitude) for the triangular window
    Calculate and plot the DFT (magnitude) for the triangular window defined by W[n]= 0, n<0 n+1, 0<=n<=99 200-(n+1), 100<=n<=198 0, n>198 Compare peak sidelobe level and sidelobe roll-off rate for this window with those of the rectangular window Debashis Paul 2005-03-31
    Convolution of two vectors
    This is the total algorithm of convolution Mohendra Roy 2007-03-14
    Daubechies Scaling
    Compute the samples of Daubechies scaling function and wavelet using the inverse DWT. Kevin Amaratunga 2002-08-08
    Eigenvalues of Transition Matrix
    Compute the eigenvalues of the transition matrix. Kevin Amaratunga 2002-08-08
    Freeman chain code
    Freeman Chain Code function Computes the Freeman chain code of a boundary. Chandan Nath 2009-05-07
    Image registration
    The program performs image registration using the function fminsearch for minimizing the scale parameters. The success of the alignment estimated using the correlation criterion. Marios Vlachos 2005-11-08
    k-mean Algorithm for segmentation of digital image
    k-mean algorithm is very handy in image segmentation. Here first the histogram is created and then the centriod is initialized, The number of clusters should be supplied by the user and the input image should be a greylevel image. Chandan Nath 2009-05-07
    Local Thresholding
    Find the local threshold of an image while dividing the image in 6 parts muhammad irfan 2006-06-23
    Mallat Pyramid
    Mallat pyramid decomposition. Kevin Amaratunga 2002-08-08
    Polynomial Data Examination
    Examine how polynomial data behaves in the filter bank when the lowpass filter has p zeros at pi. Kevin Amaratunga 2002-08-08
    Polyphase Filter
    Polyphase filter implementation with two channels. Kevin Amaratunga 2002-08-08
    Product Filter Examples
    Illustrates product filters of varying degree graphically. Kevin Amaratunga 2002-08-08
    RF Utilities
    A collection of m-files that allow plotting of Smith Charts, Admittance Charts etc. Also Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) for balanced and un-balanced transmission lines, using standard to mixed mode S-param conversion. NEILL TUCKER 2008-11-16
    SERIES: seismic record post-processing
    calculate ductility, elastic, psd spectra from an accelerogram (ASCII format). Generate syntectic records, principal directions, evolutive spectra. Esneyder Montoya 2005-03-17
    Signal smoothing and dc component removal
    The program performs signal smoothing and dc component removal using the 1-D fft transform. Cutting a different range of frequencies we can perform various 1-D filtering applications. Marios Vlachos 2005-11-08
    Treatment of Boundaries
    Demonstrate symmetric extension at the boundaries for the 9/7 filters. Kevin Amaratunga 2002-08-08