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      Title Summary Primary Author Date
      Andrews' Squeezer Mechanism
      Matlab code of the well-known test example for a multibody mechanism (index-1 formulation). Andreas Klimke 2004-02-07
      Arenstorf orbits
      Solution of the ODE arising from the three body problem via an adaptive RK4(3) scheme. Bernd Flemisch 2002-10-28
      Basketball Free Throw
      Simulates the impact of different model parameters like gravitation and rotation to free throws. M2-TUM 2008-06-18
      Cooling ODE
      Solve the differential equation given by Newton's law of cooling Andreas Klimke 2002-07-04
      Coulomb ODE
      Solve the ODE of a spring-mass-system attached to a wall with the object gliding over a rough surface. Andreas Klimke 2002-07-17
      Coulomb ODE with GUI
      Solution of a harmonical oszillator with Coulomb friction using different methods for various step sizes. Stefan Hueeber 2002-10-25
      Equation GUI
      A simple GUI for ODE and PDE problems giancarlo zaccone 2006-04-18
      Europa Orbit Simulation
      Numerical gravity model of the Jovian system, focused on a satellite orbit around Europa, one of the moons of Jupiter. Eros Team EROS 2007-06-14
      FEM toolbox for solid mechanics
      The Finite Element toolbox for solid mechanics with simple GUI. Anton Zaicenco 2014-11-09
      Foucault Pendulum
      Foucault Pendulum differential equation and solution Ahmad Kolahi 2005-07-26
      Implicit vs. Explicit Euler
      Compares implicit and explicit Euler's method for the spring-mass-system differential equation Andreas Klimke 2002-07-05
      Lorenz Model GUI
      GUI to animate the solution of the "Lorenz Model". M2-TUM 2004-04-23
      Mass Oscillator
      Visualizes the oscillation of a coupled system with two springs. M2-TUM 2007-04-13
      ODE Files Collection
      A collection of m-files dealing with ordinary differential equations. Christof Schuette 2003-04-30
      implementaion of Belousov-Zhabotinski-reaction Rolf Krause 2002-08-02
      Rotation Symmetric Minimum Area
      This program computes a rotation symmetric minimum area with a Finite Difference Scheme an the Newton method. Stefan Hueeber 2004-03-05
      Runge-Kutta 4 for systems of ODE
      Function rk4_systems(a, b, N, alpha) approximates the solution of a system of differential equations, by the method of Runge-kutta order 4. a and b are the endpoints of the interval, N the number of subdivisions, and alpha the initial conditions Alain kapitho 2006-01-20
      Runge-Kutta method of order 4
      Given an initial-value problem of the form y' = f(t,y), function runge_kutta4(a, b, N, alpha) approximates its solution in the interval [a; b] using the Runge-Kutta method of order 4. Alain kapitho 2006-01-11
      Solve Schroedinger equation for some sample molecules Ahmad Kolahi 2005-06-25
      SimFluid simulates various fluid processes by using the frog-leap method. Michael Speck 2004-05-07
      SimFluid in order O(N)
      SimFluid simulates various fluid processes by using the frog-leap method. Order improved to O(N). Pascal Maerkl 2006-02-10
      SimFluid in order O(N*log(N))
      SimFluid simulates various fluid processes by using the frog-leap method. Order improved to O(N*log(N)). Pascal Maerkl 2006-02-10
      Simple pendulum ODE
      The linearization of the simple pendulum ODE is only a good approximation for small angles. M2-TUM 2009-12-02
      Spring-Mass-System ODE
      Solution of the spring-mass-system using Matlab's ode45 solver. Andreas Klimke 2002-07-05
      Stability Domains
      GUI for plotting the stability domains of the most common ODE solvers. Bernd Flemisch 2003-02-03
      Stiff Beam GUI
      This GUI demonstrates the solution of the ordinary differential equation system of a vibrating stiff beam using different methods. Stefan Hueeber 2004-02-04
      Three-body system (3D)
      GUI to animate the solution of the three-body system in 3D. M2-TUM 2009-07-28
      Van der Pol ODE
      Solution of van der Pol's equation using the classical Runge-Kutta-Method of order 4, level 4. Andreas Klimke 2002-07-04
      Vanderpol ODE with GUI
      Solution of van der Pol's equation using different methods for various step sizes. Stefan Hueeber 2002-10-25
      Vibrating String GUI
      This GUI demonstrates the behavior of a vibrating string with different initial conditions. Three different solvers are used. M2-TUM 2004-01-13
      Wave Propagation
      Solves the wave equation using a reproducing kernel particle method. M2-TUM 2006-02-02