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    Title Summary Primary Author Date
    Eigenvalues GUI
    This GUI demonstrates the iterative methods to find eigenvalues of a given matrix, using power method, inverse power method and QR-Iteration. M2-TUM 2004-01-13
    EzyFit Toolbox
    A free curve fitting toolbox for Matlab Frederic Moisy 2016-04-28
    Gauss Jordan
    Calcula una ecuacion lineal Angel Aquino Fernandez AFA 2007-11-18
    Gauss Jordan Elimination & Pivoting
    Gauss Jordan Elimination & Pivoting is the most crafty device for solving a set of n variables with given n equations. Nadim Chowdhury 2009-03-07
    Gauss-Jordan with multilple right-hand side vectors
    The function allows to solve simultaneoulsy different linear systems with the same coefficient matrix A using the Gauss-Jordan algorithm Alain kapitho 2005-11-15
    Gauss-Seidel iterative method
    Function Gauss_Seidel(A, b, N) iteratively solves a system of linear equations whereby A is the coefficient matrix, b the right-hand side column vector and N the maximum number of iterations. A transition/iteration matrix approach is implemented, with Tg Alain kapitho 2007-08-14
    resolvs a liniar sistem using iterativ method Ionescu Alin 2007-05-15
    Gaussian elimination with partial pivoting
    Solving a n-by-n linear system of equations using Gaussian elimination with partial pivoting Alain kapitho 2005-11-18
    Givens Rotation
    Applies Givens Rotation to a Matrix to perform QR decompostion Gurudatha Pai 2009-01-15
    Gradient and Conjugate Gradients Method GUI
    GUI application for solving a system of equations using the Gradient and the Conjugate Gradients method. M2-TUM 2003-05-23
    Gradient Based Subspace tracking
    This is a simple function to track the subspace of a signal Gurudatha Pai 2009-01-15
    Incomplete LU factorization
    multiple versions of the incomplete LU-factorization M2-TUM 2009-07-30
    Integration by trapezoid method Nadim Chowdhury 2009-03-03
    Jacobi iterative method
    Function Jacobi(A, b, N) iteratively solves a system of linear equations whereby A is the coefficient matrix, b the right-hand side column vector and N the maximum number of iterations. As with the Gauss_Seidel(A, b, N) function, a transition matrix appro Alain kapitho 2007-08-14
    Least-squares polynomial approximations
    Given n points in x-y coordinates, function Least_Squares(x, y, m) constructs the least-squares polynomial of degree m. The call to the function returns a vector c whose components c0, c1, ..., cm are the coefficients of the polynomial. Alain kapitho 2006-01-11
    Multigrid solver for scalar linear elliptic PDEs. Beat the direct solver! Bernd Flemisch 2004-03-29
    Multiplication of linear expressions
    Script for the multiplication of linear expressions without coefficient constants. Muhammad Rafiullah Arain 2005-04-11
    QR factorization with Householder
    This program contains some files for computing the QR factorization of an arbitrary (n x m)-matrix A using the Householder transformation. Stefan Hueeber 2006-01-09
    Sorting Real Schur Forms
    Given the complex Schur form of a real matrix, AU=UR with U unitary and Q upper triangular, this routine computes orthogonal Q and quasi-upper triangular real T such that AQ=QT with prescribed ordering of the diagonal blocks of T. Jan Brandts 2003-01-23
    Special Matrices GUI
    A graphical user interface to demonstrate several special matrices of Matlab's gallery function. Charlotte Gilbeau 2003-01-15
    Successive Over-relaxation Solver
    Function SOR(A,b,N) solves iteratively the linear system Ax = b, N being the maximum number of iterations. Iterations are implemented in matrix form as x(k+1) = Tw*x(k) + c, with Tw being the transition/iteration matrix and c a constant vector. the optim Alain kapitho 2007-08-14