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      Title Summary Primary Author Date
      Advanced Dynamics
      Advanced Dynamics course computer simulated projects Ahmad Kolahi 2005-06-25
      Analog Clock
      Analog clock sync with the personal computer clock time Debashis Paul 2007-09-02
      Composite trapezoidal rule
      Function trapz(a, b, n) approximates the integral of f(x) in the interval [a; b] using the trapezoidal composite rule. n is the number of subintervals. Alain kapitho 2006-01-20
      dblquad Example
      Uses dblquad to compute integrals with a function evaluating to infinity at O(0,0). Andreas Klimke 2001-12-01
      Improper Integration Demo GUI
      GUI demo for numerical intergration of an improper integral using different methods. M2-TUM 2003-09-11
      Numerical Simulation of Cavity problem with SIMPLE method
      This project simulate numerically the problem of cavity with moving top lid. The path of flow and distribution of velocities component and pressure inside the cavity is calculated. This program is written with SIMPLE algorithm in Matlab environment. Ahmad Kolahi 2005-07-31
      Numerical simulation of solution of orange droplet in a soup.
      This project simulate numerically the process of solution of orange droplet in a soup. Program is written in Matlab environment and uses a userfriendly interface to show the solution process versus time. Ahmad Kolahi 2005-07-31
      Quadrature Files Collection
      A collection of m-files dealing with numerical quadrature. Christof Schuette 2003-04-30
      Quadrature Formula Comparison
      Comparison of the accumulated quadrature formulas of type open Gauss with the ones of type closed Newton-Cotes. Bernd Flemisch 2002-08-08
      Adaptive numerical evaluation of an integral. Rolf Krause 1998-02-22
      Solve Schroedinger equation for some sample molecules Ahmad Kolahi 2005-06-25
      Simpson composite integration
      Function simps(a, b, n) approximates the integral of f(x) using the composite Simpson rule. The user needs to specify f(x) as a sub-function at the bottom of the file Alain kapitho 2006-01-20
      Simulation of motions of billiard ball inside a rectangular area
      A number of balls have random motion inside a rectangular area. There is no external force on this system. The ball have initial random velocity component and they collide with each other and either with walls. This program simulate this process and show Ahmad Kolahi 2005-07-31
      Three Bar Impulse
      Advanced Dynamics, Problem of impulse to three bar with friction Ahmad Kolahi 2005-06-25