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    Title Summary Primary Author Date
    Advanced Dynamics
    Advanced Dynamics course computer simulated projects Ahmad Kolahi 2005-06-25
    Analytical Photogrammetry
    conformal,Affine,Projective,Polynomials transformation Masoud Azizpour 2008-12-23
    Analytical Photogrammetry
    conformal,Affine,Projective,Polynomials transformation Masoud Azizpour 2008-12-23
    ANN (Backpropagation) using Graphical Interface
    This program can be used for training an ANN model using back-propagation algorithm. At present this program can handle any numbers of input patterns and 6 numbers of output patterns. Rajib Kumar Bhattacharjya 2005-04-05
    Bomb Blast Pressure Calculator
    Used a Mathematical Model, which is very popular in the area. Himenshu Nalindrajith Praveen Moragaspitiya 2007-12-10
    This code generates a 3D surface that appears like a bowl. Mithun Aiyswaryan 2003-09-03
    Capturing video data from I-Link cards
    This program is implemented in GUI environment of Matlab and invokes the data acquisition toolbox to capture video data from I-Link cards. It's also prepared some elementary features to edit the captured data and save it in the avi format. Ahmad Kolahi 2005-07-26
    CND Viewer
    Visualization of various continuous but somehow not differentiable functions (CND) embedded in a MATLAB GUIDE interface. Michael Speck 2002-12-10
    Constrained Optimization: Tensioned String
    This program solves the constrained optimization problem of the tensioned string with several methods. Stefan Hueeber 2007-07-05
    Coulomb ODE with GUI
    Solution of a harmonical oszillator with Coulomb friction using different methods for various step sizes. Stefan Hueeber 2002-10-25
    Curve Fitting
    GUI application for curve fitting. User can control point selection. M2-TUM 2003-05-06
    Deinterlacing mixed video frames into normal video
    The graphical interface of this program is designed by Matlab GUI environment, and it has used Image Processing toolbox of Matlab to Deinterlace the mixed video frames into normal video frames. Ahmad Kolahi 2005-07-26
    This code generates the 3D surface interpretation of the Fractal density Mithun Aiyswaryan 2003-09-03
    Differential Equation GUI
    This programme gives the idea of second order differential Equation. Himenshu Nalindrajith Praveen Moragaspitiya 2006-11-05
    Using discan, you can replot scanned or photographed diagrams. If you don't have any data, but you have an image, and you want to plot this data again, then this is the right thing. Johannes Judex 2006-04-26
    Draw Angle of Line
    Draws an arc indicating the angle of the given line. M2-TUM 2004-03-15
    Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics
    Numerical mtd is used for calculating the diflection of the structure. Himenshu Nalindrajith Praveen Moragaspitiya 2006-11-05
    Eigen Vector & Eigenvaules
    The idea of Eigen Vector & Eigenvaules are introduced. Himenshu Nalindrajith Praveen Moragaspitiya 2006-11-05
    Eigenvalues GUI
    This GUI demonstrates the iterative methods to find eigenvalues of a given matrix, using power method, inverse power method and QR-Iteration. M2-TUM 2004-01-13
    EM Waves
    EM waves moving through different environments and media with different amplitudes Shahriar Dadgar 2009-12-23
    Epicicloide e Hipocicloide
    Grafica Epicicloide e Hipocicloide Miguel Ataurima 2005-06-06
    Equation GUI
    A simple GUI for ODE and PDE problems giancarlo zaccone 2006-04-18
    Equity Derivative Calculator
    equity derivative calculator using matlab GUI biao guo 2007-07-03
    Eulersche Knickfaelle GUI
    Prints the transverse deflection and calculates the buckling load of an axially loaded column regarding different end conditions (the so-called "Eulersche Knickfaelle"). Alexandra Lehnart 2006-04-10
    FEM toolbox for solid mechanics
    The Finite Element toolbox for solid mechanics with simple GUI. Anton Zaicenco 2014-11-09
    Finite Elements in 1D
    Finite Element software for linear and quadratic finite elements in the intervel (0,1) with error computation if an exact solution is given. Stefan Hueeber 2007-02-07
    Foucault Pendulum
    Foucault Pendulum differential equation and solution Ahmad Kolahi 2005-07-26
    Fourier frequency analysis
    frequency analysis of a function with fourier series Shahriar Dadgar 2009-12-23
    Fourier Transformation GUI
    This programme is created by using simple commands, Himenshu Nalindrajith Praveen Moragaspitiya 2006-11-05
    Frequency Domain Image Filters
    Apply ideal low-pass, ideal high-pass, gaussian low-pass, gaussian high-pass, butterworth low-pass, butterworth high-pass filters to gray-scale images in the frequency domain. Yingzi Du 2004-03-25
    Fuzzy Information Processing for the Assessment of Water Quality
    Calssification of water quality based on cations and anions. The Integrated result's can be incorporated to GIS environment Natarajan VENKAT KUMAR 2009-07-23
    Generation of Random, Autocorrelated, Periodic Fields
    Generation of random fields in 1-D, 2-D, and 3-D given a parametric model of the auto-covariance function (GUI works on Windows) Olaf Arie Cirpka 2003-04-03
    Gradient and Conjugate Gradients Method GUI
    GUI application for solving a system of equations using the Gradient and the Conjugate Gradients method. M2-TUM 2003-05-23
    Image Blur/Sharpen GUI
    GUI application for blurring and sharpening images using the Gaussian, USM, and Laplace filter. M2-TUM 2003-08-04
    Image Processing and tracing the Markers
    This program uses the mean square difference techniques to find the markers in the frames. The results are the Excel file of x-y coordinates of the traced markers. The program invokes some intelligent algorithms to find the markers positions. Ahmad Kolahi 2005-07-26
    Image Rotation
    A very simple program to rotate an image by 90, 180 or 270 degrees. Sunny Jaiswal 2007-01-13
    Improper Integration Demo GUI
    GUI demo for numerical intergration of an improper integral using different methods. M2-TUM 2003-09-11
    Iteration GUI
    This programe gives some valuable ideas about the different functions Himenshu Nalindrajith Praveen Moragaspitiya 2006-11-05
    Iterative Solvers GUI
    An interactive environment for iterative solvers. Timo Betcke 2003-05-19
    Lorenz Model GUI
    GUI to animate the solution of the "Lorenz Model". M2-TUM 2004-04-23
    LU-Decomposition Visualizer
    View each step of the LU decomposition algorithm. Use the graphical user interface to modify parameters. Andreas Klimke 2003-05-04
    Matlab GUI Tutorial
    It gives a tutorial for how to design the Matlab GUI for image processing purpose. Yingzi Du 2004-08-11
    Matrix Visualization
    Visualization of 2d-matrices with colorful plots M2-TUM 2004-01-22
    Plots the Moebius strip. Andreas Klimke 2002-08-12
    multipole fields
    field of a multipole. Shahriar Dadgar 2009-12-23
    Newton iteration for complex functions
    Illustrates the convergence regions and the number of iterations for some given complex functions. Eugen Bubolz 2004-01-16
    Non-Orientable Surfaces
    Draws non-orientable surfaces, such as the Moebius strip, the Klein bottle, or Boy's surface. Barbara Kuhn 2003-02-03
    Numerical simulation of solution of orange droplet in a soup.
    This project simulate numerically the process of solution of orange droplet in a soup. Program is written in Matlab environment and uses a userfriendly interface to show the solution process versus time. Ahmad Kolahi 2005-07-31
    NURBS Tools
    Evaluation, knot-insertion and transformation to Bezier-Form for NURBS, differentiation for the non rational case. Joerg Hoerner 2001-09-21
    NURBS-Surface Editor
    GUI to show, create and modify NURBS-Surfaces. menu and interaction language: german Joerg Hoerner 1999-09-15
    A PIV post-processing and data analysis toolbox for Matlab Frederic Moisy 2006-09-08
    Point to Latitude and Longitude Conversion GUI
    This gui convert pixel coordinates to latitude-longtitude coordinates Masoud Azizpour 2008-03-07
    This gui draw profils from way import data format data: PointId [space] X [space] Y [space] Z [space] Description This gui seprate point that description is 'P' and draw profiles for them Masoud Azizpour 2009-03-10
    Projection system
    This gui is transformation between geodetic and cartesian coordinates Masoud Azizpour 2008-02-10
    Regular Tilings
    Application to visualize regular tilings with a nice graphical user interface. (German) Teresa Krohn 2003-03-03
    Simulate 3-bar robotic arms with Virtual Reality toolbox. Ahmad Kolahi 2005-06-25
    This code plots a 3-Dimensional roof. Mithun Aiyswaryan 2003-09-03
    Rotation Symmetric Minimum Area
    This program computes a rotation symmetric minimum area with a Finite Difference Scheme an the Newton method. Stefan Hueeber 2004-03-05
    Section Properties GUI
    GUI to draw different geometric shapes and calculate/display their section properties. M2-TUM 2004-03-30
    Simple calculator
    GUI calculator with the basic functions. Mohammad alshikh khalil 2006-08-30
    Special Matrices GUI
    A graphical user interface to demonstrate several special matrices of Matlab's gallery function. Charlotte Gilbeau 2003-01-15
    Spline Basis GUI
    GUI to visualize the basis functions of spline spaces. M2-TUM 2004-05-15
    A GUi to solve diffusion - transport problem with stabilization method (upwind, scharfetter gummel, strong consistent method) giancarlo zaccone 2006-09-11
    Stiff Beam GUI
    This GUI demonstrates the solution of the ordinary differential equation system of a vibrating stiff beam using different methods. Stefan Hueeber 2004-02-04
    Synchronization of the cameras
    This program finds the same frames in the avi files that is captured with two cameras with different positioning and alignment, in other words it synchronize the two cameras frames. Ahmad Kolahi 2005-07-26
    Three Bar Impulse
    Advanced Dynamics, Problem of impulse to three bar with friction Ahmad Kolahi 2005-06-25
    Three-body system (3D)
    GUI to animate the solution of the three-body system in 3D. M2-TUM 2009-07-28
    A collection of tilings, including colored tilings and Escher tilings. (German) Corinna Hager 2003-02-25
    Transient Maxwell's equations
    Comparison of different finite element discretizations for the transient Maxwell's equations in a cavity. Ralf Hiptmair 2002-10-28
    gui for finite element triangulations Eckart Gekeler 2002-03-20
    Vanderpol ODE with GUI
    Solution of van der Pol's equation using different methods for various step sizes. Stefan Hueeber 2002-10-25
    Vibrating String GUI
    This GUI demonstrates the behavior of a vibrating string with different initial conditions. Three different solvers are used. M2-TUM 2004-01-13
    Visualises linear finite element functions on unstructured triangular grids or bilinears on rectangular grids by different methods. Willy Doerfler 2002-03-08
    Visualization of Fourier series
    visualizes the approximation by a Fourier series M2-TUM 2009-12-18
    Zooming or shrinking an image
    The M-file is the code for zoom or shrink the image & it takes any file as input but saves the file as JPEG file. If some defects u found then please inform me. Parth Bhagat 2008-07-02
  • Exercises in Category GUIs, Graphics & Visualization

    Title Summary Primary Author Date
    Dreidimensionaler Plot
    Ein dreidimensionaler Plot einer Funktion soll erzeugt werden. M2-TUM 2008-09-22